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Best Discount Broker in India

Top 10 Discount Brokers in India

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Our history

Established in the year 2008, 500 per crore has a decade of trading experience and has been recognized as one of the best trading platforms in India. We at 500 per crore are truly committed to our service and passionately wants to enable investors to make efficient trading decisions to trade their stocks in BSE, NSE and MCX, that is why we offer the lowest brokerage fee to the traders of the Indian commodity market.


While trading with 500 per crore, as a valuable investor you can enjoy certain privileges like:

best discount broker in india

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Top 10 Discount Brokers

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Best Discount Broker

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At 500 per crore, we have a vision to empower our investors by managing their investment in such a way that it is transparent and safe. We monitor the trade cautiously and strive hard every day to achieve this vision in the financial year of 2021-2022.

From the beginning of 500 per crore, we were able to be instrumental in promoting the perspective of allowing everyone to have the opportunity to perform their trade efficiently. We stick to our principles religiously and that is what empowers us to offer the lowest brokerage fee in the industry, as the right to trade is no longer reserved for any traditional brokers or big players. By empowering our initiative, trading can be simplified in India, similar to other developed markets.

Trusted by more than 2,00,000+ clients in India, 500 per crore is building its empire day by day by providing easy trading access to our investors through our online trading solutions.

As we are one of the best trading service providers in India, we promise to deliver exceptional customer service to our valuable investors. We offer, unlimited call-and-trade feature to our valuable investors to set up DEMAT account for free. Being one of our investors you have the privilege to interact with our customer care experts who will guide you with all trading related queries. You can make a call and talk to our representatives between 8.30am to 11.30pm.

top discount brokers in india
Lowest Brokerage Charges in India


In India, trading is being explored by an increasing number of brokers every year. Being an eminent trading service provider of India, 500 Per Crore makes trading more accessible and affordable for all. 500 per crore offers expert strategies to choose the right stocks to invest in and offers a wide range of trading services to encourage our investors to explore the stock market with the Best Discount Broker in India. Our valuable trading services are equity, mutual funds, IPO investments, currency, commodity, and derivative trading. Based on your requirements our experts will guide you in choosing the best performing stocks available in the share market.

Being in the stock market for over a decade, we have the ability to analyze the latest market trends. We perform various strategies like analysis of seasonal trends, market value, evaluating the company's assets, company's performance, etc to help our investors to choose the best performing commodity in the market.

Enroll yourself with 500 Per Crore’s training sessions to get yourself updated on the latest market trends as we all know trading is based on the fundamentals of supply and demand. We also help our investors to build up on new business ideas.

At 500 Per Crore, we truly live up to the values of “Integrity”, “Customer Centric services”, “Long- Term Perspective”, “Passion to Excel”, “People Development”, and “Total Compliance”.

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