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To know the exact answer to this question, you would need to ask our 2,00,000 + valuable investors as to why they give us the first preference compared to others in the trade. The answer is simple, It's our vision and trust that enables our investors to choose us amongst several others in the share market. We believe it stems from our core values which are “Integrity”, “Customer Centric approach”, “Long- Termed Perspective”, “Passion to Excel”, “People Development” and “Total Compliance”. These values set us apart from the competition and help us to keep being an established and trusted trading platform!


We believe that our trading platform is superior to the competition in many ways and our customers wholeheartedly agree with us. The reason 500 per crore is the best trading platform is because we help our valuable investors by helping them get access to the best trading services, through eminent broker in the market along with the lowest brokerage fee.

When you choose to be one of our valuable investor, you get to enjoy multiple trading benefits like training sessions that will help you to stay in touch with the current market trends, and exceptional 24/7 customer support and also avail the highest revenue sharing in the industry!

Best Currency Trading Broker in India


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Best Currency Trading Broker in India

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Best Currency Trading Broker in India

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Best Currency Trading Broker in India

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Commodity Trading Online in India

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Best Currency Trading Broker in India

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Commodity Trading Online in India

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Best Currency Trading Broker in India

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Equity investment is investing your money in a company by purchasing its share in the stock market. In India, you can trade your equities on the stock exchanges like BSE and NSE. Before investing in an equity share, investors have hope that the price would rise on their stocks in the nearby future. Although at certain times due to the effect of external factors, there is a possibility of impact.

You don't have to worry on your equity shares, if you are backed by 500 per crore. 500 per crore offers expert strategies by guiding their investors to choose the best performing company in the market. We offer our investors the lowest brokerage fee available in the market of India. Investing in equities is always a good option with 500 per crore due to its high range of advantages.


All investors wish to have growth in the principal amount invested. This is possible in an equity investment as the value of the initial amount is increased in the form of dividend and capital gains.
An equity investor will be offered a diversified investment option for a minimum initial investment amount.
Investing a big sum of capital in equity shares can benefit the investor by achieving the desired diversification.

Adopt wise strategies and seek expert guidance from 500 per crore to choose the right company to make your investment valuable. Investors can increase their investment in the right shares if the company wishes to raise additional capital in equity markets.

Start your trading with 500 per crore today and get a chance to earn an additional income from the stock market.

Best Currency Trading Broker in India
Best Currency Trading Broker in India


Derivatives is a safe contract issued between two or more parties based on an agreed underlying asset or set of assets. The underlying assets can be inclusive of bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, market indexes, and stocks. In India, an investor can trade the derivatives through BSE, NSE, MCX, ICEX and MSEI. Derivative is a complex financial instrument used for various purposes including hedging and getting access to additional markets or assets.

Derivatives trading might possess a bit of risk if you are not aware of your contract and the future value of the assets. It's always recommended to seek expert guidance from a trusted trading platform like 500 per crore before moving on to earn a second income from the stock market. 500 per crore curates expert strategies to make your investments successful. We provide with a wide range of trading services to our investors in India and offer the lowest brokerage fee in the market.


Investing your valuable savings in derivative shares will benefit you in certain ways such as :

Investors prefer to choose derivatives as they are frequently used to determine the value of the underlying assets.
An investor can replicate the payoff of the assets with a derivative contract. Hence the price of the underlying asset tends to be in equilibrium in order to avoid the chance of being arbitraged.
Derivatives increase the efficiency of the financial market.

Seek expert guidance from 500 per crore and get support to invest your savings in the best performing stocks with the lowest brokerage charges available in the industry. Sign in with 500 per crore today and invest your money in derivative shares without any fear!


Commodity investment is making your valuable investments related to raw materials and primary agricultural products. The raw materials in which an investor can invest in the commodity market are precious metals like gold, silver, etc, energy resources such as oil and natural gas, and agricultural products such as Rubber, Cotton, Pepper, Crude Palm Oil, etc. In commodity trading in India , there are multiple commodity exchanges available in the market but investors prefer to invest in the largest MCX trading platform.

The Commodity market is volatile and has a higher chance of price fluctuations. You must be cautious when making your investment in the commodity market as it can be affected by external factors like politics, economy, foreign currency and exploration risk. Seeking assistance from 500 per crore will help you to analyze the latest market news and seasonal trends in commodities.

We have delivered exceptional customer satisfaction for over a decade and has gained the trust of more than 2,00,000 + valuable investors. Investing your valuable savings in the commodity market by seeking expert guidance from us is a smart choice for efficient and profitable investments.


In India, investors prefer commodity trading as it offers the following advantages:

Commodities are one of the few assets that tends to rise in price at the time of inflation. Hence, commodity trading offers protection against inflation.
If a commodity is in demand, the price of it would also increase with respect to it.

Get in touch with us today to start trading in commodities!

Best Currency Trading Broker in India
Best Currency Trading Broker in India


Investors in the Indian stock market are not well aware of the benefits of currency trading, as they think it is a complicated activity that is often done by the wealthy. An investor can perform currency trading in stock exchanges like BSE, NSE and MSEI. In India, currency trading is performed through currency derivatives such as forwards, future contracts, etc.

500 per crore offers expert strategies to make currency trades more efficient. We strive hard to achieve the goals of our investors and when it comes to currency trading we are cautious and spear headed in performing the currency trade in the foreign exchange. We also assist our investors in choosing the best currency pairs that would fetch them higher returns in foreign exchanges and provide the lowest brokerage fee.


Performing currency trading provides several benefits to its investors:

Currency trading eliminates the low-entry barrier. In currency trading there is no minimum capital requirement for an investor as one can open a currency trading account with his initial savings.
Currency trading benefits the investors by offering low transaction costs for every trade conducted.

Enquire with us today & invest your savings in currency trading!


Every investor is fond of investing their savings in mutual funds. Mutual funds are professionally managed investment funds that accumulate money from various investors to purchase financial securities. In India, the fund manager purchases securities such as stocks and bonds that perform well in the market from stock exchanges like BSE and NSE.

At 500 per crore, we ensure to invest your valuable savings in the best performing stocks as we offer expert strategies to our investors to make them earn an additional income. We offer a wide range of trading services to our investors at the lowest brokerage fee. We analyze the securities based on the designed strategies that helps to make your investment successful.


Start your investments in mutual funds as it offers certain benefits to the investors:

Investing in mutual funds comes at a low cost and encourages small investors.
Mutual funds provide fund plan strategies to their investors to meet their financial goals.
Mutual fund offers you the benefit of diversification.
Provides the much-needed flexibility to the investor than any other investment option.
Since mutual fund is a seamless process, it also benefits the investor with a high degree of liquidity.
Investors prefer to invest in mutual funds as it is a tax saving option.
Tracking your investment is now made easier in mutual fund investments.

Contact us today to get guidance on all your mutual fund related queries.

Best Currency Trading Broker in India
Best Currency Trading Broker in India


IPO is abbreviated as the initial public offering. An IPO is a process in which a private company would go public by selling its stock to the public. In India, once a company has entered in an IPO, the shares of the company will be traded in an open market through stock exchange like BSE and NSE. Being an IPO investor you have the eligibility to sell these shares through secondary market trading. Company's prefer to enter IPO as it would help them to find wide range of investors to purchase their stocks and also help the company to build their infrastructure.

When a company turns into an IPO it helps them to improve their image in the public and also helps them to drive more business. Before investing in an IPO share, you must be aware of the current market trends. 500 per crore helps the investors to make their investments wisely by analyzing the latest market trends.


Trading in IPO offers several benefits to its investors:

By investing in an IPO, an investor would get access to good quality of unlisted stocks for relatively low valuations. Before making your investment on the low valuation stocks seek help from us to know the company's performance and market value.
Many IPO's offer retail investor discounts based on the price of the shares.
IPO provides an excellent opportunity for wealth creation to its investors based on the future performance and value of the company.
An IPO is also highly transparent

Chat with our exceptional customer support today and choose the best performing company in the IPO with the lowest brokerage fee!

Best Currency Trading Broker in India

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Best Currency Trading Broker in India
best commodity trading platform in india

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