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You might be aware of the term commodity trading in the stock market but you might not be sure on how to make your investment profitable. Commodity trading is a marketplace where you can buy, sell or trade commodity stocks in the stock market. These commodity stocks include agricultural products, raw materials like steel, metals, oil and natural gas, gold, etc.


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As a beginner to commodity trading you might not be aware of how to invest in commodity trading and the difference between the commodity market and stock market. Let's have a look at what commodity market and stock market is.


A commodity market is a market that trades in the primary economic sector. There are fifty major commodity markets worldwide and making your investments in commodity trading is a good option. Commodity trading is profitable and it is also been classified into two types as spot markets and derivatives.


Spot market is also referred to as a cash market where physical commodities are brought and sold by traders instantly at physical market. Derivatives is a contract that has been established by two or more parties based on an underlying assets. in commodity one can also consider the spot market as an underlying asset. Derivatives market involves forwards, futures and options.


Trading in the commodity market would offer you certain benefits over the stock market. Yes, commodity trading protects your investment from inflation and hedges against risky geopolitical events. Hence investing in a commodity market would help you to gain profitable investments.




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