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Are you aware of commodity trading in the Indian market? Do you know to customize your strategies to get better returns from the stock? If not, then learn about the commodity market and its strategies for successful trading. A commodity market is a market that deals with engaging trading in the primary economic sector rather than the manufactured products. Trading Commodities are sorted into major categories such as metal, energy, livestock, and agricultural products.


In financial markets, commodities are meant to be the physical assets that have inherent physical worth. Being in commodity trading, you might already be aware of the risk involved in online commodity trading in India. Invest in the commodity market of India by adapting the successful trading strategies from 500 per crore. Being the best commodity traders in India, 500 per crore offers free training courses for their customers to improve their skills in commodity trading.


At 500 per crore, we have adopted various online commodity trading strategies in India, the following strategies are listed below:




Most of the commodity traders specialized in trading a single commodity such as gold, cotton, agriculture products, or oil. Each market has its unique strategies to be followed. It is up to you to find a market that is suitable for you to master.


Finding your suitable market will make you feel confident while trading if you understand the better price action of the product in the market. You don't have to make your trading life difficult, as 500 per crore has the best commodity traders to implement a successful strategy for your commodity. Our traders are specially dedicated to implementing trade in each commodity market.




The major factor which most inexperienced commodity traders tend to ignore is seasonality and the latest trends for each commodity in the market. The Market does have an impact based on seasons and increased demand. The production of these commodities would vary in every season based on the rising demand.


As a result, making a wise decision to invest in the right commodity at the right season can fetch you better returns from the market. Adopting trend-following strategies can improve your chance of success. The golden rule of commodity trading is a trend. The commodities trends are powerful and long-lasting, until the forces of supply and demand are at work.


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The breakout strategy seeks to capitalize on short-term movements. Implementing a breakout strategy could beneficially improve your gain substantially by preventing you from selling the stocks when the price depreciates in the market. Intraday commodity futures offer an excellent opportunity for traders as even a small price fluctuation can lead to significant profits or losses.


A breakout may occur at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to get help from experts to know when to sell the stocks due to the sudden fluctuations in the market. At 500 per crore, we predict the possible breakout to prevent our traders from facing loss in their commodity trading. A market cannot continue its trends without making new highs or new lows.


The breakout strategy tends to perform poorly when the market is not able to establish short-term trends.




Fundamental trading is a strategy that relies on both technical and fundamental factors. Based on the unique market factors, we should strategize the commodity market. When it comes to fundamental trading strategies allocate more time to conduct research.


Making a researched analysis can help the trader to get better returns from the commodity. If you identify the technical patterns of the commodity accurately it can yield you higher returns within a short period. Understanding the supply and demand factors can enable you to make better trading decisions. Adopting a fundamental strategy requires a lot of patience and time but applying this strategy in commodity trading can effectively make long-term profits for you.


Need to know more about fundamental strategies, seek help from the experts of 500 per crore and invest in a trading commodity for a long time to get higher profits. Explore the services offered from 500 per crore. Implementing these successful strategies for commodity trading can help you to view the day-to-day inconsistency.


In recent times, the major challenge faced in online commodity trading is the US-China trade war. This has a significant effect on online commodity trading in India. Make your investment effective by seeking expert advice from the 500 per crore team and make your investment in commodity markets in India a huge success.


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