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In the stock market, it's hard for an investor to choose the best trading as it offers a wide range of trading services. Choose a trade that fulfills your trading requirements. As an investor you must be aware of the types of trades that are available in the stock market because having a knowledge about the trading services will help you to analyze the best stocks to invest in based on your requirements.


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Let's have a look at the various types of tradings that are adopted in the Indian stock market.


1. Intraday Trading:

In Intraday trading or day trading, a trader has to buy and sell the stocks on the same day. Traders who prefer short term investments with a minimal return will make their investments in the day trading stocks. The day traders might face profits or losses and have to close the trade before the closing hours of the market. Intraday trading is highly volatile and requires quick decision-making skills in choosing stocks.


2. Swing Trading:

Swing traders would hold on to their stocks for more than a day to gain additional profits from their stocks. These traders predict overnight short term fluctuations. Most of the traders in swing trading are technical traders as they have more time for holding the stocks.


3. Positional Trading:

When it comes to positional trading, an investor can hold the stocks for a few months to years. Positional traders expect to gain more profits from their investment over a long period. Positional traders would make trading decision based on the technical and fundamental analysis of the stock as they are investing for a long-term period.


4. Technical Trading:

Being a trader in the Indian stock market, you should analyze the market based on its performance. Traders would technically analyze the stock performance as it helps them to determine the price variations in the stock. As we all know, the performance of a stock is dependable on demand and supply. Therefore, technical analysis will help you to view the market based on the future scopes.


5. Fundamental Trading:

The fundamental trading is based on the company's specific events. The fundamentalists are long-term investors and would predict the stock price by analyzing the company, industry and economic statistics. The value of shares is determined by financial statements, earnings, growth and management quality.


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